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Story Maker for Hire is for:

  • Individuals/Families
  • Small Businesses

Whether you need products for home or business, we can create them for you in your free FOREVER  Account! 


capturing your stories

hire experience and skill

When you are stretched for time or you just have no desire to be creative, hiring an experienced Story Maker is the way to go!  Our Story Makers are trained and experienced in all things FOREVER!  And your project is captured and created right there in your own account where you have access to it 24/7! (Auto Print and Design & Print only)

Benefits of Hiring a story maker:

  • Frees up your time
  • Your project is made by an experienced Story Maker
  • You can check on your project anytime!
  • You can learn as you watch your project grow
  • You have final editing rights


How it works

  1.  Contact us for a quote and to discuss your project
  2.  Click “Create Free Account Today!” and create your account.
  3.  Select the project you would like created
  4.  Upload your photos to your FOREVER account
  5. Contact us at any time during this process for help and support.
  6. Pay your down payment of 50% of the quoted price


  1.  How long does an average project take?   It takes an average of 15 to 30 minutes to make one page.  On average, a 21 page storybook may take five to 10 hours to create over a span of about 3 weeks.  This time average all depends on how detailed your goals are for your project.  This is just an average and not to be taken as a quote.
  2. What are your payment options?  Right now as we begin this portion of our business, we accept local personal checks, cash, and cashier checks and various online options. Contact us for more information.

     Story Maker for Hire 2023 Rates

Basic Rate:  Regularly $35/hour

Contact us for payment options:  Contact us for payment options

Please note that Story Maker For Hire prices do not include the price of the project.  Finished projects are paid separately by you through your FOREVER account.  Story Maker For Hire fees are paid directly to Carol Stewart.  See above for payment options under “FAQ.”


*We in no way represent FOREVER or any of its high quality brands. We are not employees of  FOREVER or any of its high quality brands.  Carol Stewart is a FOREVER AMBASSADOR (not an employee) who has a passion for sharing FOREVER.