February is the month of LOVE!  As everyone knows, Valentine’s day was February 14th.  A day when couples celebrate their love for each other. Heritage Makers is feeling the love, too, with all these specials!  Select Digital photo items are 15% off and hands on items are up to 50% off!  I made a canvas for my hubby (see photo above)! Check out all the sales going on right now through February 28th:


The Monthly Deal!

This month, in Heritage Makers Studio, magnets and note pads are on sale! I just made a big magnet for my car and I love it!  (See pictures)  These sale items can be found under the product tab “Home and Office.”  Go here and click on the product of your choice and then take a look at the fabulous templates available or come up with your own design!  I plan to take the 5.5 x 8.5 notes pads and make a daily, weekly and monthly planner and a meal plan out the 4 pad set!

                                Car Magnet up close:                                                                                   Car Magnet on my car:


I also wanted to let you know so that you can plan, that in September, storybooks will go on sale!  Now is the perfect time to start creating your first or next storybook!  Or, hire me, your personal Story Maker, and I’ll create it for you! 


Also on sale this month in Anthology DIY by Lisa Bearnson is the Canvas Exchange Kit 3.  Here is a picture of Kit 3 alone and on the blocks (sold separately):


The way these cute little blocks work is that each season (or whenever you want), you change out the easy peel stickers for other stickers in the kit or a different kit.  Learn more here.

What will be your next story?



Welcome to my Blog!  

Thank you for stopping by!  I’m glad you are here!  This blog is where I will list the current events, sales and promotions going on with Heritage Makers.  But first and foremost I want to encourage you to sign up for your free account at Heritage Makers .  Have a look around and see for yourself the power of personal publishing with Heritage Makers!  Best part is that it’s FREE to look around and it’s even FREE to create a project!  You only pay when you publish your project.

There are several ways to publish your stories in Heritage Makers but the best deal is Club HM.  Enjoy savings of up to 25% off of wholesale on all projects and FREE Premier access with a Club HM membership!  (Your BASIC Studio account includes access to over 800 predesigned templates. Upgrade to a PREMIER account and enjoy access to over 10,000 templates and 90,000 pieces of professional digital art! Or, better yet, choose CLUB HM and PREMIER is included!)

So, three ways to publish your stories:  BASIC Account, PREMIER Account, or CLUB HM Account.  The best deal is CLUB HM!

Joining Club HM is simple: Just choose a membership level and you’ll receive 30-100 publishing points each month. Use them to order a completed project or save them up for a special event. Publishing points are useable for up to 24 months, depending on purchase date.

Your Club HM membership has no extended commitment, you can cancel or adjust your membership level at any time.  Changing your club level is so easy and it’s done by you online in your own account with a click of the button.  No waiting forever on hold with customer service!  You control it when you want!

Learn more about Club HM and Premier here:   Club HM & Premier

So, you want to try Heritage Makers but maybe you’re just not sure which way to choose for publishing your project. No worries! What I tell people is try publishing your first project with your free basic account and experience the high quality for yourself. That’s what I did.  And then I was hooked!

This month 11×14 and 18×24 prints and all sizes of Metal prints are on sale!  So go to Heritage Makers and have a look around!  And please let me know if you have any questions!