February is the month of LOVE!  As everyone knows, Valentine’s day was February 14th.  A day when couples celebrate their love for each other. Heritage Makers is feeling the love, too, with all these specials!  Select Digital photo items are 15% off and hands on items are up to 50% off!  I made a canvas for my hubby (see photo above)! Check out all the sales going on right now through February 28th:


When my kids were little, they used to ask me to make up stories.  I would start my stories very dramatically to capture their interest.  But soon they’d catch on and stop me with excitement and say, “Hey!  That’s the story of me!  That’s the story of when I was born!”  Had I known about Heritage Makers when they were that young, I would have made them each a book about when they were born so that they could “read” along with the pictures of their infancy!  Heritage Makers “Flip Books” are perfect for this very thing.  The Flip Book is meant to endure little hands that might be tough on turning pages! See a sample here:  Flip Book I still plan on making those storybooks and when I do, I’ll read them to their children!

There’s something special about seeing your story in print.  They say that storybooks like the ones Heritage Makers offers increase family bonding, a sense of belonging, increased self esteem, and reduces stress.  Here’s what my sponsor, Jennifer Wise, wrote in one of her blog posts:

“Studies have even shown that recalling happy memories increases happiness in the present!  So if you want to BE HAPPIER, make some time to sit down and do some memory-keeping.  It’s something incredibly good for you that benefits other people at the very same time!”  ~Benefits of Memory-Keeping by Jennifer Wise

So, do you think your passion for memory-keeping is just a hobby?  Do you think your desire to want to have heirloom quality storybooks of your family is just “an extra” that can wait?  Think again!  I have great news for you! Your passion and your desire for these storybooks are grounded in good reason;  a sense of belonging, positive influence on self esteem, reduced stress, and increased happiness!  Memory-keeping is worthy of your time!  Whether you make the storybook yourself or have me do it for you, it is worthy of your time to plan for it and make it happen! And putting it on your calendar will actually help make it happen, that’s what I do!  I have a regularly scheduled time that I sit down and work on my Heritage Makers projects.

You have the story and Heritage Makers has the books.  The good news is this month storybooks are on sale!  I plan to finish up my son’s graduation book and then turn my attention to a storybook for my mother.  I am making her a book of her grandchildren to take to her doctor appointments as sometimes the wait can be long! I’m also working on a surprise storybook that I will tell you about next month! What storybooks are you planning on making this month?  I’d love to hear about them!

May God bless you abundantly today and always!

~Carol                                             Browse Storybooks

The Monthly Deal!

This month, in Heritage Makers Studio, magnets and note pads are on sale! I just made a big magnet for my car and I love it!  (See pictures)  These sale items can be found under the product tab “Home and Office.”  Go here and click on the product of your choice and then take a look at the fabulous templates available or come up with your own design!  I plan to take the 5.5 x 8.5 notes pads and make a daily, weekly and monthly planner and a meal plan out the 4 pad set!

                                Car Magnet up close:                                                                                   Car Magnet on my car:


I also wanted to let you know so that you can plan, that in September, storybooks will go on sale!  Now is the perfect time to start creating your first or next storybook!  Or, hire me, your personal Story Maker, and I’ll create it for you! 


Also on sale this month in Anthology DIY by Lisa Bearnson is the Canvas Exchange Kit 3.  Here is a picture of Kit 3 alone and on the blocks (sold separately):


The way these cute little blocks work is that each season (or whenever you want), you change out the easy peel stickers for other stickers in the kit or a different kit.  Learn more here.

What will be your next story?