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The FOREVER difference

quality and variety matter

By Carol Stewart, FOREVER Ambassador

I have been a scrapbooker for over 25 years.  When my kids were born, I hardly had time for the traditional way of scrapbooking anymore with all the papers and the cutting, etc.  As much as I loved it, I needed a faster way to preserve our pictures and memories that didn’t compromise my creative side!  The digital age was upon us and I found a software program that allowed me to create my storybooks.  It was ok but still missing something; mainly an economical way of printing my storybooks without compromising on quality or variety.  In 2009, I was introduced to an online company (that no longer exists) and I was hooked! It met all my needs and wants and then some! Once that company went out of business I was on the hunt for a more solid company.  I found that in FOREVER. Here are the reasons I love FOREVER:

  1. QUALITY OF THE BOOKS AND PRODUCTS:  FOREVER’s goal is to preserve the stories of our lives in heirloom-quality products–being the family historian, this is important to me because I want to pass them down to the next generation.  Everything is printed on high quality archival papers and card stocks that are acid-free, lignin free, and rated by independent experts to last for generations. FOREVER paper also meets the standards for responsible forest management, which helps our environment live on with your memories.  Learn more here
  2. QUALITY OF THE IMAGE PROCESSING:  Before FOREVER, countless times I had come home from picking up my pictures or projects at the local stores and had been disappointed in the quality of the image I received.  “That’s not what it looks like on my computer screen!”  or “What did they do to my picture?”  These were common statements I made after making my purchase.  Never once have those statements been uttered with any FOREVER project I have ever created and received!  The quality is unsurpassed and they even make my pictures look better!
  3. TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE–FOREVER Artisan Software:  Photos, text and artwork can be placed anywhere on the page or project using FOREVER Artisan!  For someone who likes creativity and variety, this was one of the things I loved best!  But don’t worry, if you aren’t into creativity, see the next point…
  4. HUGE VARIETY OF TEMPLATES:  With over 23,000 templates to choose from, everyone–lovers AND haters of scrapbooking–will LOVE FOREVER’s Digital Art Library!  I use templates for about 80% of my projects because I can change them however I want to!  They are totally customizable!  It’s a great way to start making projects today and still have creative control! Move things, add things, delete things, keep things exactly as is, the combinations are limitless!  So, if you are short on time or don’t like creative endeavors, choose a template and start today!
  5. HUGE ART CATALOG:  With over 200,000 art pieces to choose from, your creativity is endless!  A totally searchable art catalog makes finding the perfect embellishment, paper, or word art a cinch!
  6. QUICK CREATE PLATFORMS:  If you don’t want to download software, FOREVER offers two online platforms:  AUTO PRINT and DESIGN & PRINT.  Work on your projects anywhere you have a computer and internet!  This was important to me because I traveled to my parents home a lot and I could use their computer to work on my projects.  Everything you need to complete your project is in your private account.  Work on a project for just 15 minutes over your lunch break, or on your laptop while you’re waiting for kids at their after school activities.  No worries if your computer crashes because everything is safely online in your FOREVER account! The convenience is unparalleled!!
  7. PHOTO SECURITY AND PRESERVATION: FOREVER reserves NO rights to your photos.  (I just recently learned that some “photobook” companies retain rights to your photos to use as they wish! Yikes!) Because photos are stored in full resolution, you can download them back to your computer or hard drive at any time and retain the original quality.  (I also learned recently that some “photobook” companies actually charge a fee for you to download your own photos!)  You are storing your photos TWO WAYS when you use FOREVER: once when you upload them and another time when you publish your projects.  And when you purchase FOREVER Storage, you get the FOREVER Guarantee!  FOREVER will store your photos for your lifetime plus 100 years!  That means you can pass your precious memories on from generation to generation! And if media standards change, FOREVER will convert your stored files for FREE!!! It’s the ultimate in photo security!!
  8. HEIRLOOM ASSURANCE:  Little Davey spilled your coffee on your precious storybook?  No problem.  Projects stay in your account (unless YOU delete them) indefinitely.  Every project you make with FOREVER is safely stored in your account, ready to be reprinted if needed!
  9. COMPETITIVE PRICING:  FOREVER offers competitive pricing while maintaining high quality.  And for FOREVER Club Members, there are even more discounts available.  FOREVER Club is a monthly club that allows you to save for all your publishing projects while giving you deeper discounts. And you can turn it off and on when you want right in your free account! Club dollars NEVER expire!  They are yours FOREVER!
  10. AN AVAILABLE AMBASSADOR:  Help is just a text, email, or phone call away to a LIVE person!  Your personal ambassador is your go to person for any help you may need to complete your projects!  Need to add a page to your storybook?  Ask your consultant.  Love the layout you just created and want to duplicate it?  Ask your consultant!  She’s here for you!


*We in no way represent FOREVER or any of its high quality brands. We are not employees of FOREVER or any of its high quality brands.  Carol Stewart is a FOREVER Ambassador (not an employee) who has a passion for sharing FOREVER.