We help individuals and small businesses publish their important stories through sharing Forever, a desktop and online publishing company, and Heritage Makers, an online publishing company and part of the Youngevity family of high quality brands.*

Do you have a computer and phone filled with photos that have been piling up over the years? Isn’t it time you rescued your jpegs and captured your life stories?  We can help!

Have a small business in need of ever changing catalogs, flyers or brochures but don’t want to pay for the usual minimum 500 copies?  No problem, we can help!

Are you a traditional scrapbooker and want access to quality traditional scrapbooking products? Yes, we can help! 

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How will you tell your story?

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Heritage Makers is the vehicle we use to capture your life stories!  We teach you how to operate the user-friendly publishing Studio to help you capture all of your stories! And our basic consulting service is free when you create a free account with us!  You pay only when you publish your story.  Also great for small business publishing needs like flyers, brochures, catalogs and more!

Seasonal crafts and traditional scrapbooking supplies also available!  All available through your free Heritage Makers account!  

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Story Maker for hire

Don’t have time to turn your jpegs into stories? Or, maybe you’re not the creative type but still want to have high quality story products?  No problem.  We can help.  Hire us to do it for you right in your own free  account (signed up through us).  You determine how much or how little input you want to give!  We charge by the hour so the more you help the less it costs!

Own a small business?  We can help you create your supplies like flyers, brochures, catalogs and more!  Hire us today!

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*We in no way represent Forever or Youngevity or any of its high quality brands. We are not employees of Forever or Youngevity or any of its high quality brands.  Carol Stewart is a Forever Ambassador and an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant (not an employee) who has a passion for sharing both publishing platforms.  As an Independent Heritage Makers Consultant, Carol is also a Distributor of Youngevity products.  To learn more about Youngevity and all their high quality brands, visit Carol’s My90ForLife website at:   Youngevity