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“Rescuing your jpegs one story at a time!”


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What is FOREVER®?  FOREVER® is a Photo Storage and Management company and a memory-keeping brand that specializes in preserving precious memories and online publishing for individuals and small businesses. *

FOREVER® began in 2012 with a goal to help people everywhere tell their stories and preserve their photos. The founding CEO of FOREVER® saw a need for permanent cloud storage that combines modern digital technology and financial tools with cutting edge legal protections to create a permanent digital home that lasts for many generations.  

Fast forward to today and the FOREVER® team is successfully delivering this vision. We are a fast-growing, vibrant company full of talented people who share the same passion as our founding CEO. We offer a full suite of products & services, all with the goal of helping everyone preserve their memories and share their stories for generations. We love that goal and want to share it with you!  

In addition to creating beautiful storybooks, you can make home décor, greeting cards and invitations, photo gifts, digital scrapbooking pages, office supplies for home and small businesses and more! FOREVER® also offers digitization of your old media files like VHS tapes and home movies and slides!

You can access your photos and projects anywhere!  Just upload your photos and you are ready to go!

When you create a free online FOREVER® account with us you have unlimited access to our basic support and training.  And it’s all FREE!!  You only pay when you publish your finished project!  We have a passion for helping you make a home for every jpeg!   Our goal is to get your memories out of your devices and into your hands by “Rescuing your jpegs one story at a time!”

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Story maker for hire

~ For Individiuals

~ For Small Businesses

Whether you need products for home or business, we can create them for you in your free FOREVER® account!

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Pressed for time?

No Problem! Let us make it for you!

You like what you’ve learned so far about FOREVER® and you want quality heirloom products that capture your stories and memories but we lost you at “YOU make it yourself!” Everything sounded so good until you learned that you are the one that makes the projects!

Don’t worry.  We got ya covered!  We love what we do! Let us do the work for you in your own free FOREVER® account!  It’s super easy.  Just identify the photos you want in your project and then upload them into your account. Then, if you want, maybe add a memory or two for each photo and we’ll handle the rest!

Because we make your project right there in your own free FOREVER® account, you get to see the progress we make and can ask for changes at anytime! (for Auto Print and Design & Print only)   You can even add your own touches to the project if you feel so inspired to do so!  We charge by the hour so the more you help, the less it costs!

Benefits of Hiring a story maker:
  • Frees up your time
  • Your project is made by an experienced Story Maker
  • You can check on your project anytime! 
  • You can learn as you watch your project grow
  • You have final editing rights
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One permanent place to store and share all your digital memories. Pay once for secure cloud storage and you own it — FOREVER®

Tired of being spied on by big tech?  Get your photos out of their sites and bring them over to FOREVER® with VALET!  With Valet in the driver’s seat, migrating your files to FOREVER® has never been easier.







*We in no way represent FOREVER or any of its high quality brands. We are not employees of FOREVER or any of its high quality brands.  Carol Stewart is a FOREVER Ambassador (not an employee) who has a passion for sharing FOREVER.